This video is included in the DVD that comes with the Venezia non sta Affondando book.

guillermo-rivero-venice.jpg During the last week he has been missing. She has been death for a couple days and has yet to be found. Nobody is looking for her; while everybody in Venice knows that he is missing and they are all looking for him. It is the second week of January and Venice is cold. Most of the times Venice is foggy during this month but now it is sunny and the sky is clear. Venice in January is a very different Venice from the Venice of Summer time. In January, Venice is honest and life happens in this city. Venetians die and go missing. Ester has been dead, rotting away in her apartment in Cannaregio for the past couple of days, and nobody misses her. Mario has been missing since the last days of December and his family posted missing notices all around Cannaregio.

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Venice is not sinking: Baccala by Guillermo Rivero

vins-smallcover A group of young artists from all over the world arrive in Venice to dream, tell the present and imagine the future of the city hanging on water.

“Venezia non sta affondando” is the result of their work: 10 novels and 6 short films published by Marsilio, in collaboration with Venice is not sinking, an association promoting cultural initiatives in Venice.

A new book and dvd by Fabrica published by Marsilio.